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Free Solar PanelsFree Solar PanelsFree Solar Panels Cut Your Electric Costs by ~20% Now
No 6%/yr Rate Increases for 10 years
Cut Pollution - Get Green Energy
Solar Panels Installed (No Install Cost
just a small deposit)
Rent them, instead of paying $30,000+

SWITCH TO SOLAR POWER AT NO COST!!    (Stop Global Warming and Save Money!)
(NO Purchase Cost, NO Installation Cost, NO Maintenance Cost, NO Permit Hassles, NO (6%/yr) Rate Increases.)

Help make people aware of how to spread Solar Panels / PV (photovoltaics) everywhere. A new company is offering Solar Power to all homes in net-metering territories at virtually no cost to the home owners. The Program is the most forward-thinking step toward energy independence and preservation of the environment yet.

For Your Own No-Cost Solar Panel System for your House, go to and click "Reserve Your System".
Become an Ecopreneur to share the dream and get paid for it. To Join as an Ecopreneur, Reserve Your System, then login and change to EcoPreneur
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Simply put, The Company will pay for, install, own and operate the solar systems. Home owners are relieved from the hassle of obtaining permits, waiting for incentive rebates, dealing with engineering, financing or any other concern typically related to the adoption of a solar system.

All the home owners do is agree to pay a rental fee for the solar panels and, since the solar panels are engineered to meet your exact needs - based on your historical usage at last year's rate - your new electric rental will usually be lower than your current bill, often by 20%, with no rate increases for 10 years (Utilities often raise 6%+/yr).

As if that were not enough, the company also takes on the responsibility of monitoring the performance of your panels and ensuring that they is performing at their optimum capability. This value-added service is offered at no cost to the home owners and is already paid for by your rental fee. The program is made possible by "net metering" laws". Under net metering laws - present in most states - home owners have the right to generate power at their homes and receive the full retail value for the excess generated from their current utility company. If you are passionate and serious about preserving the environment and want to contribute to cleaner, green energy independence, without the near $30,000 costs that installation has typically been in the past, this program is what you have been looking for.

  • No upfront investment. - No waiting for rebates.
  • No headaches with the city and the utility - Citizenre handles the engineering, procurement, and construction.
  • Performance-based contract means homeowners only pay rent if the solar panels deliver, and their total cost should be less than or equal to their current electricity bill.
  • Actual hedge against future utility price increases. Homeowners "lock-in" their electricity rate for 10 years. Most electric utilities are increasing their rates 5% to 30+% every year.
  • The contract even lets you out - if you move, you can move the panels, offer them to the new owner, or cancel.
  • New Update - Installations have now started finally, after long delays. First Installations are in some undisclosed pilot locations. We now have over 37,000 customers. We'll update you more when we are allowed to say where.
  • Citizenre is NOT a Utility Company - Citizenre is a Solar Panel Rental Company - Citizenre is not affiliated with any City, Utility or other Government Entity.
Jim Krage Ecopreneur and Sales Director ID#3000003815
at () for answers to questions. I'm in CA, but can help you in most states of the US.
Watch a Video about our Mission
For Your Own No-cost Solar Panel System for your House, go to and click "Reserve Your System".
(Or call me at (562)867-3230 (California).)
(Check if you have Net Metering for your State and Utility. Calculate your own Potential Savings)
You can become an Ecopreneur to share the dream and get paid for it:
Go to and click "Reserve Your System".
(Then you can join as an Ecopreneur in your back office.)

The Company has had many setbacks, but their vision of solar panels on every house in America is finally growing faster.
Earlier this year, 365,000 kW of Solar Panels were installed in Redding, California.
More were installed in Anaheim, California, as well.
The current focus is Los Angeles, where solar panels are being installed within 4 months on most roofs.
Sign up now to get in line - No Cost up front until a small deposit near time of installation.
Imagine an electric bill that for 10 to 20 years has NO increases of electric consumption costs!
(Cut your gas bill too! Call me at (562)867-3230 or visit discounts on home Gas, for TV, Internet, & to Go Green)

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